Armasight Nyx7-ID Gen 2+ Improved Definition Night Vision Goggles (Overview)

ARMASIGHT by FLIR Nyx-7 GEN 2+ ID Patrol

From Night Vision Goggles to Night Vision Binocular, the Armasight Nyx7-ID Gen 2+ has you covered!

Armasight Nyx7-ID Gen 2

  • Sub compact rugged design with waterproof body
  • Built in infrared illuminator
  • Auto brightness control
  • Head or helmet mountable for hands free usage
  • Ergonomic simple and easy to operate controls
  • Utilizes single CR123A lithium battery
  • Multiple Configurations

Water-resistant, rugged, light, and compact, the Nyx-7 ID is the perfect hands free unit for a variety of tough operations.

The Armasight Nyx-7 ID is the bi-ocular night vision goggles built around high grade image intensifier tubes.

These night vision optics are an exceptional choice for hands-free use.

Built with high grade optics and simple, reliable electronics, the Nyx-7 ID provides bright and clear Gen 2+ night vision images, even in the most adverse conditions.

Armasight Nyx7-ID Gen 2 side

This unit includes a built-in IR light source for reading maps or basic, short-range illumination in complete darkness.

The Armasight Nyx-7 ID is equipped with a high-performance Improved Definition Gen 2+ tube which provides resolution of 47-54 lp/mm!  This gives you excellent clarity to identify obstacles, hazards, and dangerous creatures at night.

Armasight Nyx7-ID Gen 2 image quality

The best part?

The Armasight Nyx-7 ID is available with a variety of accessories such as 3X, 5X, and 8X magnification lenses for mid-long range viewing, head or helmet mounts for hands-free operation, rangefinder, and additional, high-powered IR illuminators for long-range use.  There are so many configurations there is no limit for what you can use these night vision goggles for!  Check out the different configurations and accessories below:

Armasight Nyx-7 ID Configuration 1:

Lightweight and highly mobile, the hands-free head harness allows you extreme flexibility.  The highly adjustable harness allows you to ensure it’s a comfortable fit for long-term use.  The mount allows you to flip up the NVGs when they’re not needed and right back down when needed.  This awesome accessory is included.

Armasight Nyx-7 ID Configuration 2:

ARMASIGHT by FLIR Nyx-7 GEN 2+ ID mounted top

The Helmet Mount #4 allows you to operate at night while wearing armor for hostile environments.  The mount allows you to flip the NVGs out of the way and right back down for quick action in the dark.  They perform just like military night vision goggles in this setup.


Armasight Nyx-7 ID Configuration 3:

ARMASIGHT by FLIR Nyx-7 GEN 2+ ID with Afocal 5x

When you’re not using these NVGs for mobility, they dismount from the harness and can be used as night vision binoculars.  Armasight makes 3 levels of high-performance Afocal Lenses which quickly convert the night vision goggles into a long-range night vision binoculars.  They incorporate very fast optics and perfect field of view. Ideal for long range observation.

Armasight Nyx-7 ID Configuration 4:

ARMASIGHT by FLIR Nyx-7 GEN 2+ ID Afocal and Rangefinder

The Armasight Advanced Range Finding Stadia (ARFS) is an innovative means for adding a passive range-finding capability to your NVGs. They project onto the objective lens to display a scaled stadia range-finding device.  The ARFS is an add on to the Armasight Afocal Lens, used in Night Vision binocular mode, and is removable to restore an unobscured field of view.  The built-in illuminated universal stadia range finder allows for accurate target measurements and range estimates.

Armasight Nyx-7 ID Configuration 5:

ARMASIGHT by FLIR Nyx-7 GEN 2+ ID with Afocal 5x and IR Illuminator

The Armasight Extra Long-Range Infrared Illuminator provides greater, image-intensified viewing capabilities for operations in little to no ambient light for your NVGs.  An IR illuminator provides near-infrared light, which, although invisible to the naked eye, can greatly enhance the performance of Night Vision devices which is perfect in the binocular configuration. The illuminator features adjustments for field-of-view divergence and output power and can even be mounted on a weapon rail.

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  • Lightweight, compact rugged goggle system
  • Multi-purpose: Hand-held, head-mounted or helmet-mounted
  • Comfortable, flip-up headgear
  • Multi-coated all-glass optics
  • Wide angle infrared illuminator
  • Auto brightness control
  • Bright light cut-off
  • Utilizes single CR123A lithium battery or AA Alkaline, Adapter included
  • Water and fog resistant

Final Verdict:  Do these NVGs have 5 configurations that cover EVERY base in your night vision game?

Answer: YES!

ARMASIGHT by FLIR Nyx-7 GEN 2+ ID Driving

For Gen 2+ these night vision goggles have amazing clarity, distance, and available accessories!

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What are others saying about it?

“These are the real deal, fully functional, waterproof, sturdy, reliable, lightweight & comfortable.” – Roger Wilco

“Terrestrial Night vision is quite clear. Sky watching reveals an amazing sky filled with stars and ufo’s and man made satellites.” – Dr Mark

“With IR mode enabled, you can see in complete darkness.” – M Alley

Armasight Nyx7-ID Gen 2+ Improved Definition Night Vision Goggles *FAQ

Q: Having never owned any NVG gear… what is the life expectancy of these types of units based on low stress, occasional usage??

A: After three years of occasional usage, mine is still going strong. You can tell that they are built quite well. I dropped it on concrete and cringed one night; it fired right up again. I have yet to replace the battery.

Q: I wear glasses….will these work for someone like myself?

A: There are focusable rings around each eyepiece — which rotate very smoothly — that you can use to adjust to each eye. The rings are knurled in rubber and stay where you put them until you wish to change them again. A very nice feature. So in a word: yes!

Q: Can I drive off road in these NVGs?

A: Yes!. This device will give you visible range of about 150-300 yards. You can drive but need to be careful as if you are going fast you may not recognize certain obstacles in time.

Q: Where can I buy the The Armasight Nyx7-ID Gen 2+ Improved Definition Night Vision Goggles?

A: You can buy it from the world’s most trusted online store, Amazon, by clicking here.

Armasight Nyx7-ID Gen 2 right side

Click below for a FREE copy of the The ARMASIGHT by FLIR Nyx7-ID Gen 2+ ID Vision Goggle manual!

The ARMASIGHT by FLIR Nyx7-ID Gen 2+ Improved Definition Night Vision Goggles PDF User Guide

Specifications for the Armasight Nyx7-ID Gen 2+ Improved Definition Night Vision Goggles

  • IIT Generation Gen 2+ ID (Improved Definition)
  • Resolution 47-54 lp/mm
  • Magnification 1x standard; 3x,5x,8x optional
  • Lens System F1.2, 24mm
  • FOV 40°
  • Range of Focus 0.25 m to infinity
  • Diopter Adjustment -5 to +5 dpt
  • Controls Digital
  • Automatic Brightness Control: Yes
  • Bright Light Cut-off: Yes
  • Automatic Shut-off System: Yes
  • Infrared Illuminator: Yes (built in)
  • IR Indicator: Yes (in FOV)
  • Low Battery Indicator: Yes (in FOV)
  • Power Supply 1x 3V CR123A battery or 1x 1.5V AA battery
  • Battery Life 60 Hrs
  • Environmental Rating Water and fog resistant
  • Operating Temperature -40 to +50 °C
  • Dimensions 150 x 102 x 70 mm / 5.9 x 4.0 x 2.7 in
  • Weight 0.45 kg / 1.0 lbs

Warranty 2 Years

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