Cheap Night Vision Part 1: Goggles and Monoculars

Cheap Night Vision Part 1

When it comes to night vision devices, the aim of every shopper is to search for the best deal online.

Many spend valuable time online to look for the most cost effective deal. However, the best deal may not imply the cheapest deal sometimes.  (But we want cheap night vision for this article.)

It takes experience in the needed items to find the best deal. Many factors are considered in the search for the best deal, especially in night vision devices. It is also advisable not to choose quantity over quality.

This is part one in a six-post series dedicated to night vision on the cheap.

Cheap Night Vision goggles and monoculars

Here we go…

Why do we buy night vision goggles or mounted night vision monoculars?  We buy them so we can move and shoot in the dark.  You can’t use a riflescope in this set up but you can use red dot sights, night vision sights, and night sights.  So how can we do this affordably?

Here are some picks with solid reviews for $500 or less!

Yukon NVMT 1×24 Head Mount Kit, under $275

Yukon NVMT 1x24 Head Mount Kit

Works great and I have used NVD’s that cost a lot more money that did not work much better. Can’t beat it for the price.” – USPatriotOne


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Firefield FF24125 Spartan Night Vision Monocular Goggle, 1 x 24, under $300

Very good for the price” – RyanFirefield FF24125 Spartan Night Vision Monocular Goggle, 1 x 24



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Firefield Tracker 1×24 Night Vision Goggle Binoculars, just a tad over $500

Firefield Tracker 1x24 Night Vision Goggle Binoculars“Pretty nice for the price , would like to try some higher end sometime before paying the big bucks, but these you can see in total darkness, happy with purchase” – B. Anderson


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These two night vision goggles and the night vision monocular are Gen 1 night vision but they’re suitable.  Are they “good?”

These aren’t your replacement for a $4,500 Armasight PVS-14 FLAG Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular with FLAG Filmless Auto-Gated IIT (comparable to Gen 4) and Manual Gain… but…

Armasight PVS-14

They’ll work.  They’re better than being caught without night vision and they’re better than a flashlight.

Get the cheap night vision now, use them, save up for your next pair of Gen 2 or Gen 3 night vision goggles or monocular, and then eBay these.

This way, when you NEED night vision, you’ll HAVE night vision.