Night Optics Adventurer NG-2MV-1G Gen 1+ Night Vision Goggles (Overview)


Night Optics Adventurer provides an insane amount of performance from a Gen 1 set of night vision goggles!

  • Image Intensifier: Generation 1+Night Optics ADVENTURER NG-2MV-1G with Head Mount
  • True-stereo depth perception
  • Focusable IR Illuminator
  • Built-in sensor that guards the unit against bright light exposure
  • Compact set of night-vision binoculars with comfortable head mount
  • 1x magnification and 26mm objective lens; 455-foot viewing range
  • Push button mounting flexibility with easy flip-up design
  • Coated specifically for nighttime viewing to enhance image brightness

Find your way and see clearly in the dark with these Night Optics Adventurer Binocular Goggles.

The unique, patented wide exit pupil design eliminates the need for interpupillary adjustment. The high quality, multi-coated 3.6x lens kit converts the Adventurer Night Vision Goggle into the powerful, yet affordable Adventurer Generation 1+, extended range Night Vision Binocular.

Get close with 1x magnification and a 1,742′ field of view.

Goggles feature a focus range of 9-1/2″ and beyond, a built-in infrared illuminator, an automatic light protection sensor, head mount gear and a compact and lightweight design.

Why does a 1,742′ field of view and a built-in infrared illuminator matter?

Because that makes you faster when navigating through the dark.  You can see more and see farther so you can make the right decisions and navigate obstacles.

Rugged and light-weight, the Adventurer offers true stereo perception and features a built-in, high power, focusable IR Illuminator plus fully adjustable headgear.

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Night Owl’s classic military-style night vision goggle system is designed for hands-free use with a head-harness.

Night Optics ADVENTURER NG-2MV-1G Head Mount

The hinged quick-release mount also allows the user to quickly flip the goggle up out of his field of view or to detach for use as a hand-held binocular.

Designed for use while walking or operating a vehicle, the BG1 presents the user a non-magnified 1-to-1 image with a wide field of view. 1.4 F lenses improve depth perception beyond that provided by standard night vision viewers.

That’s not all…

The Night Optics Adventurer has a light sensor automatically cuts power to prevent burning out the intensifier tubes in the event of exposure to a potentially damaging light source.  This protects your NVG from the main killer of night vision which is bright light!

Night Optics ADVENTURER NG-2MV-1G Top


  • Use with head-mount, flip up or detach completely
  • Enhanced depth perception
  • Wide field-of-view
  • Bright-light protection circuit
  • Close-up focusing
  • Two better-quality generation-1 image intensifier tubes
  • Built-in columnated infrared illuminator for use in complete darkness or to improve target recognition in any environment
  • Precision-machined aluminum housing and lens bodies

Final Verdict:  Are these NVGs going to give me an edge while operating in the dark?

Answer: YES!

For Gen 1 these night vision goggles have amazing range!

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What are others saying about it?

“Bought these goggles not exactly knowing what I was really getting into…come on? Night vision? But they are awesome!” – Customer

“worked well great buy” – EastShop

“…after hearing so many negative remarks about Gen 1 I was amazed at how clearly I can see with these goggles.” – Ghosteryx77


Night Optics Adventurer NG-2MV-1G Gen 1+ Night Vision Goggles *FAQ

Q: How far can I see in these?

A: The detection range is 125 meters!

Q: Do these night vision goggles come with mounting hardware?

A: Yes! It comes with headgear and a soft case!

Q: Are these NVGs going to last with heavy use?

A: Yes!. The Night Optics Adventurer has a bright-light protection circuit to protect the tubes and it’s weather resistant!

Q: Where can I buy the The Night Optics Adventurer NG-2MV-1G Gen 1+ Night Vision Goggles?

A: You can buy it from the world’s most trusted online store, Amazon, by clicking here.

Night Optics ADVENTURER NG-2MV-1G Head Mount Close Up

Specifications for the Night Optics Adventurer NG-2MV-1G Gen 1+ Night Vision Goggles

  • Night Optics USA Part # NG-2MV-1G
  • Magnification 1x
  • Lens System 26 mm f1.2
  • FOV 40°
  • FOV @ 1000 yards 2184 ft
  • FOV @ 1000 meters 728 m
  • Range of Focus 10 in to ∞ (25 cm to ∞)
  • Detection Range 410 ft (125 meters)
  • Recognition Range 328 ft (100 meters)
  • Diopter Adjustment +4 to -4
  • Weather Resistant
  • IR Illuminator
  • Battery Type/Life 3v CR123 / 40 hours
  • Dimensions 4.9″ x 4.9″ x 2.3″ (124mm x 124mm x 58mm)
  • Weight 18 oz (510.3 g)
  • Operating Temperature -4°F to 113°F (-20°C to +45°C)
    Warranty 1 Year

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