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White Phospor Night Training

White Phosphor Night Vision

A conventional night vision image is typically green in color.

This is because of the central placement of green in the color spectrum.

It was considered as the best color for night vision devices because it made it easier to interpret differences in this color spectrum. Gen 1 night vision equipment featured a clear green image at the center that got blurred towards the edges.

Generation 2 devices came with better clarity because of the use of the microchannel plate. This made images clearer and of better resolution.

The introduction and use of gallium arsenide on the photocathode and coating the microchannel plate using ion barriers improved the distance covered by these devices as well as their performance.

In the two generations, the basic principle of light causing phosphor to glow when it fell on it was used.

It is the later, more mature, Generation 2 night vision optics that have brought an end to the need to use of green.

This technology has ushered in the new era of white phosphor night vision devices. The idea is to improve resolution and enable a person to get a greater level of detail.  WPT, as the technology is referred to, shows the night scenes in a detailed black and white image as opposed to the traditional shades of green.

Advantages of White Phosphor Night Vision Technology

Military Night Vision

The military has the facilities and dynamic situations to test night vision gadgets. From their tests, they have revealed incredible improvements for devices using this technology.

The devices using this technology have been reported to enable views with more shades of color, depth perception, shadows and contrast. Full moon environment use has also been improved.

The perception of the eye regarding black and white images has also been referred to as more natural and easier on the eye.

This makes processing of images by the human brain easier.

The signal-to-noise figure has improved to a high of 25 with a resolution of up to 68 Ip/mm. This technology has been regarded as a revolution in the night vision industry.

Because the technology is new, it is yet to be incorporated in all devices and equipment.

However, if you are looking for the best night vision equipment, you might want to consider one that offers white phosphor night vision capability. You will have to invest a little more of your hard earned money to get these devices.

White Over Green?

The performance of white phosphor has been hailed as a revolution in the night vision industry.

Military and law enforcement agencies have reported better perception of images in dark and low light places.

This is an automatic stamp of approval for the technology by the two organizations that would benefit the most from the advancement in night vision.

In fact, both entities regard it as a life safer because being ahead of your enemy by a second can make all the difference between life and death.

If you are looking for military grade night vision devices, you have to invest more money because it is the latest technology.

Your reward will be in better clarity and resolution that gives you an incredible night vision experience.