Why You Need Night Vision During SHTF

Stalking your house with Night Vision

Why You Need Night Vision When the SHTF?

Are you prepared if the United States gets into a nuclear war with North Korea?

What if a disease, whether naturally occurring or spread intentionally, kills 98 percent of the people it infects, and you are one of the fortunate ones to be in that 2 percent but are now concerned about how to survive in the new world that resulted?

CBRN Night Vision

How about if an asteroid that is 0.6 miles or longer in diameter hits the earth – which does occur every 500,000 years – and comes close to ending civilization? Even one that is just 165 feet long could destroy a large city and impact an area much larger than that; this scenario occurs every 1,000 years.

Regardless of what causes the Sh*t Hits the Fan (SHTF) scenario, it’s vital to be prepared to survive and hopefully thrive in the hectic and disorderly aftermath that would follow.

Whether your plan is to defend your home by any means possible or taking your I’m Never Coming Home (INCH) bag and heading off into the wilderness or to other communities, access to night vision is a must.

Why Do You Need This?

Night vision goggles can really be a lifesaver – literally – for a number of reasons.

Who's in you house when the lights are out?Say you are in your house, but the electricity no longer works, and, to be honest, nobody knows if it will ever come back on. Despite your best efforts, somebody has broken into your home in the middle of the night. With this tool, you can much more easily discern where they are and what your best plan of action would be to remove this individual. If they are actively coming to attack you, you can much more easily evade their moves and counterattack if you can see with much more clarity than they can.

A similar scenario could play itself out if you are out and about, living at least temporarily in the woods or in a similarly unprotected locale. Being able to avoid an oncoming attack or engage in one yourself is much more easily done if you are using night vision goggles.


ATN X Sight II 3-14 Smart Riflescope Views 2

It will also be easier to hunt with something like night vision riflescope, an act that would be much tougher to do during the daylight hours given that you will most likely be competing with other hungry people to gain access to the meat of those same animals.

Also, the event that caused the SHTF situation will usually also affect animals and kill a significant number of them too, limiting the food supply for humans and making your advantage even more essential.

A night vision scope will also help you should you need to defend against looters or rioters or if you need to engage in one of those activities simply to survive.

Who's in your house?

It’s important to consider that those you are competing with for food and for the basic necessities of life may have night vision googles as well, meaning that you may very well need to have access to them yourself simply to have any chance for success against others. Another thing to note is that those most apt to survive a SHTF scenario are going to be as prepared as you are, so you have to keep them in mind as well as those who have not prepared nearly as much for this situation as you have.


However, do note that night vision goggles should be used with caution when on the move.

These are better for being in stationary positions and serving in more of a defensive role unless you have trained and practiced with them. They can give you poor depth perception, increasing your odds of tripping over something. As mentioned, they can be used when on the move, but it will take some practice before you’re really comfortable doing so.  Try using them around your common areas to get used to them.  Otherwise, just be careful and, if the situation allows the option, initially move much more slowly than you normally do. Walk tentatively.

Lights out on the homestead! You need night vision!

Also, it’s important to note that the power supplied to these devices will eventually end.  The tubes inside of night vision devices also have a finite lifespan.  Fortunately, that will not be for a while as most can provide 5,000 hours of use while some can even exceed 15,000 hours, but do everything you can to extend that period of time by only using it when necessary. Of course, the most dangerous time will likely be in the days immediately after the event has occurred, so do use it as much as is necessary during these especially trying times. Just don’t use it unnecessarily.

Benefits of Thermal Scope

Thermal scope can also prove to be very useful in times such as these. They can show where people and animals are, and some can also be used to show items that had recently been held since they will usually either still be emitting heat themselves or the heat that the hands left there will still be showing.

IR Hunter Thermal Riflescope 35mm 20x Ezoom

A thermal scope will also allow you to see through fog, rain, snow and smoke and in situations where there is absolutely no light whatsoever such as in a tunnel. Best-case scenario would be to get a device that offers both technological advancements.

Which to Get?

It all depends on which features are most important to you and what your budget is. Obviously, if you can afford it, get a Gen 3 device as the amount of detail that you can detect is incredible. However, if you cannot afford that, don’t let that stop you from getting a Gen 1 or Gen 2 device as one of those will still provide you with a significant advantage over the vast majority of people who will have nothing to help them in dark conditions.

Defending you home with Night Vision!

Otherwise, make sure to check the reviews on NightVisionWarrior.com as they provide quite a bit of detail to help you determine which option will work best as you look to bug out or to simply protect your property against looters, rioters and gangs.

Of course, you will not want to wait to research your options and make a purchase since a situation of social disorder that would cause you to use it will most likely come with little to no warning!