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Night vision goggles are a staple of our military culture. We learn about these devices in the books, see them in movies, read all about them in novels, and even get to use them in video games. Whether you are a soldier or someone who’s never fired a gun in their lives, you’ll likely be able to point these products out on a table.


Yet aside from specialized marketplaces or manufacturers promoting their own devices, no website ever dedicated much time to high-tech gadgets such as these. The engineering marvels and inner workings within most night vision goggles remain shrouded in mystery. The devices fully merged with our society but only a handful know what exactly to use them for.


When unbiased opinions are close to non-existent, approaching the world of optics and gun accessories becomes both challenging and risky. In a field where a single unpleasant experience often leads to an abrupt end of the line, the lack of solid information bars the way to newcomers and veterans alike.


It is from this need for more details that our site was born. With reviews of the latest devices the market has to offer, instructions, concepts, interesting facts, and bits of history; Night Vision Warrior aims to fill the void in which all shooting enthusiasts found themselves until now!



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