How Night Vision Can Save Your Life in a Natural Disaster

Armasight Spark-G Bug Out

Can you navigate the unseen dangers of a Natural Disaster in the dark?

Night Vision Hurricane

Survival during a natural disaster great or small in scope depends on your ability to see the dangers ahead and adapt. 

Preparedness and having the right tools for the situation at hand will put you steps ahead of the affected population.  Night vision gives you peace of mind and visual supremacy over a potentially dangerous situation in a natural disaster.

Adaptation is the bedrock of survival.

You consistently see people taking for granted all the daily luxuries a modern existence awards us.  Something as simple as the power going out for an extended period will cause many households to begin to break down.  Many homes and apartments lack flashlights, gas lamps, extra food, basic hand tools, and the batteries that power them.

Having the right tools at hand, like night vision goggles, can give you an edge in emergencies.

Having a pair of NVGs ready in your bug out bag, or in your prepper stash, allows you to switch gears rapidly in the event of a natural disaster.  Its a huge capability added and one less thing weighing on your mind.

Are you ready for when the power goes off for hours, weeks or even monthArmasight Spark-G Night Vision Goggles and there’s no more streetlights? A perfect example of smart, premeditated adaptation:  Here’s the Armasight Spark-G Night Vision Goggle which is just the kind of tool you need to be leveraging in an emergency!

What about absolute visual supremacy?

Recall a moment when you were in a fully illuminated room or area and all of the sudden the lights go out. How did that make you feel?

We’ve become accustomed to and reliant on artificial light at night.  You need it, you want it, and when it vanishes you instantly lose spatial awareness and that sense of safety.

During a disaster (like recently in Texas AND Florida) night vision devices would be able to give you significant restoration to your most meaningful sense, sight.

Night Vision Tornado

Natural disasters shut down the status quo, sometimes seemingly in an instant. A pair of night vision goggles, for example, will allow you to roam freely around the inside of your home, navigate difficult areas like your basement, and get around unhindered on your property.

Precious time wastes away when your vision is dangerously impeded. An emergency is the worst time to roll the dice with visual acuity. Night vision equalizes the uncertainty when it comes to a black out.

Getting around isn’t the only danger when the lights go out.  Situations can include looting, broken pipes and gas lines, structural dangers, dangerous debris, people inclined to theft or seeking shelter and food. 

Do you know what’s going on next door or down the road?

Even in rural areas with less light pollution sudden loss of light can be extremely troubling. The loss of light in surrounding neighborhoods is instantly noticeable.  Naturally the more congested a region, the more ambient light is present, the more it’s noticed.

You rely on the suburban cumulative glow more than you realize.  During a long term event this can be a frightening scenario.

Looters instantly take advantage of the significant visual cover seemingly instantly. 

Who's in your house?

How can you detect and identify who is on your property?

How can you be sure what is happening a half a block or half a mile from your home?  What is going on down the road or next door?  Does your home reside along a thick woods with a population on the other side?

Can you see the bad people coming?

Could you see animals for hunting or gathering food at night? 

ATN X Sight II 3-14 Smart Riflescope Views

These are important questions, and without night vision you can be at a wild disadvantage. 

A very keen concept often overlooked is that a flashlight will give away your position instantly. It also gives people the impression that you have supplies.  When safety is vital to you and your family giving up your location with a bright light is tactically foolish.  Forgoing conventional illumination eliminates the “moth to a flame” effect that will come from other people seeing your bright lights when they want your supplies.

Night vision gives to the ability to know if people are coming way before they know you are aware. 

You can see nocturnal animals clearly and will be able to hunt them accordingly and without drawing attention from day bound hunters.

Can you reach your target destination safely?

Armasight Nyx7-ID Gen 2 image quality

Movement over distances at night could be a very daunting task if you’re forced to leave your home.  Can you see damage to roads or land at a safe distance?  The overall safety concerns are great when it comes to leaving your castle and your familiar territory.  In the event you’re ordered to evacuate your home, or a situation gets out of hand and you’re forced to get to safer ground, you must be able to navigate dangers.

Imagine being in an environment almost unrecognizable and pitch black without street lights or typical city illumination.

Armasight Nyx7-ID Gen 2

It can truly be a nightmare scenario. Getting to a distant and safe destination, maybe undetected, will require the proper gear. It could make an astounding difference.  Take a look at these Armasight Nyx7-ID Gen 2 Night Vision Goggles.  These are exactly the kind of advantage over bad situations and bad people you need!

The comfort and confidence affect this has on your constitution is significant.

Startling events can happen at any moment. The chaos and danger that can result will be difficult to manage.  It is time to research some night vision devices and pour through for more reviews and information.

Stay safe.

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